Seattle Routes World In Most Lopsided Cup Ever

Not even the skies provided a bright spot for Gaston, Madden, Patten and the rest of the World Team.

Not even the skies provided a bright spot for Gaston, Madden, Patten and the rest of the World Team.

Kelowna, BC. Pat Scoccolo won all five matches and Max Anderson went 4-0-1 as the Seattle Team defeated the World Team 22 1/2 -13 1/2 in the second consecutive “most lopsided win in Greenspan Cup history.”

Vince Deandre, Jeff Haight and newcomer Tony Secretario added four points for Seattle, which lead from the start. Ed Garth, Leo Madden, and Chris Johnson managed three points each for the World Team, which has not led in the annual matches since 2001.

�”Excluding me, our guys performed well from top to bottom,”� said Seattle Team captain Nick Jenkins, who ended an eight match winless streak with a 4&2 win over Norman Cheuk in Sunday singles. “Having 11-12 guys who are always in it really helps in this format.” Jenkins improved to 2-2 as captain.

Seattle got off to a quick start. In the first match, Scoccolo birdied the 18th hole with a 7-iron to four feet on Predator Ridge’s Osprey Course to give him and Joel Aro a narrow 1-up victory over Joel Marcus and Chris Johnson. Five matches later, a 2-down Jenkins (paired with Jack Laidlaw) drained a 50-foot bomb on 17 to prolong the match, then parred 18 to pull out a halve against Norman Cheuk and World Team Captain Brad Nelson. The World Team fared better on Friday afternoon. Madden and John Gaston fired a best-ball 62 to upset DeAndre and Jeff Benezra 62-63. Marcus continued his tough luck, teaming with Greg Cheever to fire a 62 � good enough to win or tie all other pairings in the field except the one they played, Anderson and Mike Waldner, who fired a 60.

But Saturday was Seattle’s. Seattle extended their lead to 11 1/2 – 6 1/2 in the morning with four wins, then took another four points in the Saturday afternoon high-low format. Leading by eight going into Sunday, the Seattle Team needed just 2.5 points in Singles to retain the Cup. Seattle made it official when Jenkins beat Cheuk at Okanagan Golf Club’s Bear Course � in the third match of the day. “Not exactly dramatic,” noted Jenkins.

The matches almost didn’t happen. A forest fire that later spread to 50,000 acres marred the Okanagan Valley for the entire week, forcing thousands of local residents to evacuate. The plane that flew several of the players in on Thursday morning was almost forced to turn around due to lack of visibility. Nelson’s plane DID turn around, forcing him to drive to Kelowna alone Thursday night to make the matches. “We all owe a ton to Brad Nelson for sticking it out and going the extra miles — literally — to get here,” noted Cheuk, who himself flew in from Japan for the event.

The fire also forced the closure of the Gallagher’s Canyon and Harvest golf courses, both of which were scheduled to play host to Greenspan rounds.

Seattle Captain Jenkins sees the blowout as an anomaly, but still likes his team’s chances in future matches. He points out that the foursome of Haight, Scoccolo, DeAndre and Anderson have gone a combined 27-6-7 in the last two matches. “Quite a murderer’s row,” he noted. World Team Captain Nelson struggled to explain his squad’s second lop-sided loss. “Our guys played some good matches but we also suffered some pretty big blowouts,” he said. “The system is supposed to work and I don’t know if some of our [World Team] guys posted too low or some of their [Seattle Team] guys posted too high, but all too often we were numerically challenged. But I’ll let next year’s World Team captain sort all that out. I’ll focus on seeing that our attire remains superior.”

The annual matches are now squared at 3-3. The venue and captains for next year’s matches are to be determined.

Overall Records

Anderson 4-0-1 (9.75)
Aro 2-2-1 (1)
Benezra 2-3 (.25)
Deandre 4-1 (16.5)
Haight 4-1 (8.5)
Harrison 2-3 (-6)
Jenkins 1-3-1 (-.75)
Laidlaw 3-1-1 (11.5)
McQuaid 2-3 (0)
Scoccolo 5-0 (21)
Secretario 4-1 (3)
Waldner 3-2 (-4.75)

Cheever 2-3 (-7)
Cheuk 2-2-1 (-5.5)
Garth 3-2 (14)
Gaston 2-3 (-11.5)
Johnson 3-2 (13.5)
Madden 3-2 (1.75)
Marcus 0-5 (-18.75)
Nelson 2-2-1 (3.25)
Otoupal 0-5 (-24)
Patten 1-3-1 (-8.75)
Stonesifer 1-4 (-3)
Waalkes 1-3-1 (-9.5)


Friday Morning (Fourball match, Predator Ridge [Osprey/Red Tail])
Scoccolo/Aro d. Marcus/Johnson 1 up
Stonesifer/Garth d. Harrison/Secretario 4&2
Benezra/Deandre d. Cheever/Waalkes 6&5
Waldner/Anderson d. Otoupal/Gaston 6&4
Haight/McQuaid d. Patten/Madden 5&4
Cheuk/Nelson halved Jenkins/Laidlaw
Seattle leads 4 1/2 – 1 1/2

Friday afternoon (Fourball medal, Okanagan GC [Quail Course])

Waldner/Anderson d. Cheever/Marcus 60-62
Gaston/Madden d. Benezra/Deandre 62-63
Patten/Garth d. Aro/Harrison 65-69
Secretario/Scoccolo d. Cheuk/Otoupal 65-69
Johnson/Waalkes d. Jenkins/Laidlaw 66-74
Haight/McQuaid d. Stonesifer/Nelson 67-71
Seattle leads 7 1/2 – 4 1/2

Saturday morning (Fourball match, Okanagan GC [Bear])
Waldner/Secretario d. Waalkes/Stonesifer 2&1
Cheuk/Johnson d. Haight/McQuaid 2&1
Cheever/Gaston d. Jenkins/Benezra 1 up
Laidlaw/Deandre d. Marcus/Madden 4&3
Aro/Harrison d. Otoupal/Patten 4&3
Anderson/Scoccolo d. Nelson/Garth 2 up
Seattle leads 11 1/2 – 6 1/2

Saturday afternoon (High-Low, Okanagan GC [Quail])

Scoccolo/Harrison d. Otoupal/Waalkes 7&6
Cheuk/Cheever d. McQuaid/Aro 2 up
Haight/Secretario d. Stonesifer/Johnson (score TBD)
Laidlaw/Deandre d. Garth/Gaston 2 up
Nelson/Madden d. Waldner/Jenkins 2.5&2
Benezra/Anderson d. Marcus/Patten 3.5&2
Seattle leads 15 1/2 – 8 1/2

Sunday morning (Singles, Okanagan GC [Bear])

Aro h. Waalkes
Haight d. Cheever 2 up
Jenkins d. Cheuk 4&2
Secretario d. Stonesifer 1 up
Scoccolo d. Marcus 6&5
Deandre d. Otoupal 4&3
Nelson d. McQuaid 3&1
Patten h. Anderson
Johnson d. Waldner 6&4
Laidlaw d. Gaston 6&5
Madden d. Benezra 4&3
Garth d. Harrison 6&5

Seattle wins 22 1/2 – 13 1/2


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