Greenspan Chris Berman Nicknames

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Paul “Great White” Sharkey** as upset as he is about my Greenspan Chris Berman nicknames. Apparently they border on a hate crime. Thus, I’ve removed them from the bulk of the site and they are hereby resigned to this entry:

Apparently not everyone likes the Chris Berman nicknames.

Apparently not everyone likes the Chris Berman nicknames.

Jason “Haz”Matzat
Andy “Mira” Kelleher
Casey “Prime” Ribera
Chris “Clap Your” Hansen
Pat “The Dryer Ate My” Scoccolo
Ed Garth “Vader”
Matt “English” Beaton
“tiny” Tim O’Brien
Vince Deandre “the Giant”
Max”ed Out” Anderson
Mike “Full Sail” Kalian
Stefan Gran “Cracker”
Norman “Num” Cheuk
Mike “Pink Floyd’s The” Waldner
Chris “Elton” Johnson
Rob “Pulled” Thilo
Brad “Willie” Nelson
Leo Madden “About You”
Marty “Band” McQuaid
Tony “Naughty” Secretario
Steve “If the Glove Don’t Fit You Must Aqc” Whitaker
Nick Perovich
Greg “Leave it to” Cheever
Nick”el and Dime” Jenkins
Adam “Board” Waalkes
Jeff “”Gentle” Benezra
Jon “Step on the” Gaston
Joel “Handle with C”Aro
Jeff Haight “Crimes”
John “My Oh” Majewski
Mark “Forever” Young
Brad “Captain” Kirkpatrick
Jack “Got” Laidlaw
Brian “Cat in the” Patton
John “Feathered” Harrison
Rob “Rolling” Stonesifer
Dave “Volcanic” Ashcraft
Paul “Town” Maier
Doug Shroth “ello”
Brad “Who’s the” Bossio
Kent Fisher “Price” (RIP)
Dave Sturdevant “Halen”
Joel “Off the” Marcus
Bill “Paper” Ream
Abe “Oh N”Otoupal

** Also: “Saint” Paul”y Girl” Sharkey; “Peter,” Paul “& Mary” Sharkey; Paul Sharkey “Bank”; Paul “Sonny &” Sharkey; Paul Sharkey”stone light.”


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