2011 Photo Recap

Like last year, several guys brought digital cameras to take pics at the picturesque Bandon courses. A few of my faves:

Perfect attendance through fourteen Greenspans.

A wind-blown Pacific proved to be too much course for Smith -- and the rest of the field.

Waalkes iced his left leg after injuring his right one -- and then made a hole-in-one on both of them the next day.

The green- and bunker complexes at Old Mac provided some interesting challenges to Gran, among others.

So close, but yet so far.

But for one unfortunate putt on Saturday afternoon, O'Brien was one of the World Team's most reliable players.

Down three on Sunday morning, the World team rallied to take nine points -- and the Cup -- in a singles route.

Anderson (shown here with Aro) escaped with a half point in singles after Stonesifer five-putted from twenty feet.

Sharkey, shown here with fellow captain Harrison, improved to 9-1 since the tournament moved to Bandon.

A few too many beers, pics and ice cream cones combined with some very sketchy timing almost caused the Crab Shack Seven -- Anderson, Jenkins and Benezra among them -- to miss their flight home.


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