Seattle Routes World in Rain-Soaked Pinehurst Greenspan

Pinehurst, NC — John Harrison, Nick Jenkins and Tony Secretario all went 4-0 and Baron Kofoed went 3-0-1 as the Seattle Team routed the World Team 21 1/2 — 13 1/2 in the sixteenth playing of the Greenspan Cup.  Newcomers Rich Crutchfield and Michael Richardson went 4-0 and 3-0-1 for the World Team, which saw its six-year winning streak ended.


“I had a vision of bringing Greenspan to Pinehurst,” noted Seattle Captain Jeff Benezra, the chief proponent and planner behind the Cup’s first-ever trip Back East. “But against a group of such strong competitors, I never dreamed of a win like this.”

Friday's weather busted more than a few umbrellas.

Friday’s weather busted more than a few umbrellas.

For a while it looked like both teams might lose these matches — to the weather.  Players played the Friday morning fourball tiebreaker match on the famed No. 2 course in a tropical storm.   Two hours into said deluge the course on which Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open was so saturated that putting was all but impossible; a full swing with a putter would stop dead in the soaked greens.  Three of the seven matches were conceded because of the rain, which came down so hard at some points that it seemed to be coming out of the ground.

What a five-point lead on Saturday night looks like.

What a five-point lead on Saturday night looks like.

“I’ve been wetter in the shower,” quipped Jenkins, who was the only player in the 28-man field to tee off sans rain gear.  (That didn’t last long.)

The rain didn’t stop, and the captains cancelled the afternoon matches with Seattle leading 4 1/2 — 2 1/2.

The weather improved considerably on Saturday, but the World Team’s fortune did not. Team 206 won five of the seven morning fourball matches on the No. 4 course, with only the rookie team of Richardson/Crutchfield and Jason Matzat/Adam Waalkes winning their matches.   The teams split the afternoon fourball matches on the No. 7 course, with a remarkable three of the seven matches ending in halves.

Down five points, the World Team needed a miracle in Sunday singles to extend its streak. No sir.  The Seattle Team won 3 1/2 of the first four points and for a while it looked like the the largest margin of victory ever record — nine points in 2003 — might be in jeopardy.  It didn’t work out that way, but the eight-point win made this the second most lopsided Greenspan ever.

Aro lost his Sunday sleeves; playing partner Kofoed gained a headband.

Aro turned his Sunday shirt sleeves into headbands for himself and playing partner Kofoed.

After the event theretofore undefeated World Team Captain Paul Sharkey was left to wonder what happened.  He didn’t need to look far.  The World Team’s veteran core — Sharkey himself, Greg Cheever, Jon Gaston, Brad Nelson, Tim O’Brien, Brian Patton, Rob Stonesifer and Adam Waalkes — went a combined 4-21-7.  But for the performances of rookies Crutchfield and Richardson, who went 7-0-1, the Seattle team might have won on Saturday night.

Greenspan Cup XVII is scheduled for late July 2014.  A site has not been determined, but the teams will likely stay a bit closer to home.


Fourball Tiebreaker (at Pinehurst No. 2)

  • Aro/Waldner d. O’Brien/Waalkes 3&2
  • Kofoed/Secretario d. Cheever/Pulver 6&4
  • Nelson/Richardson h. Fessler/White
  • Crutchfield/Sharkey d. Deandre/Spratley 3 up through 13 (conceded because of weather)
  • Griebel/Harrison d. Gaston/Matzat 5&4
  • Benezra/Jenkins d. Patten/Stonesifer 3 up through 11 (conceded because of weather)
  • Madden/Stansell d. Bender/Orozco 5 up through 11 (conceded because of weather)

Seattle leads 4 1/2 — 2 1/2

(Friday afternoon round cancelled)

Fourball Medal (at Pinehurst No. 4)

  • Crutchfield/Richardson d. Orozco/White 67-72
  • Harrison/Secretario d. Madden/Stonesifer 67-70
  • Matzat/Waalkes d. Aro/Waldner 67-70
  • Fessler/Jenkins d. Nelson/O’Brien 69-72
  • Bender/Spratley d. Patten/Pulver 72-73
  • Denadre/Kofoed d. Gaston/Sharkey 69-77
  • Benezra/Griebel d. Cheever/Stansell 64-70

Seattle leads 9 1/2 — 4 1/2

Fourball Match (at Pinehurst No. 7) 

  • Aro/Orozco h. Cheever/Gaston
  • Crutchfield/Richardson d. Bender/Spratley 4&3
  • Jenkins/White d. Nelson/Stansell 6&5
  • Kofoed/Waldner h. Matzat/Waalkes
  • Harrison/Secretario d. Madden/Sharkey 3&1
  • Deandre/Fessler h. O’Brien/Patten
  • Pulver/Stonesifer d. Benezra/Griebel 1 up

Seattle leads 13-8

Singles (at Pinehurst No. 4)

  • Kofoed d. Cheever 5&3
  • Aro h. Stansell
  • Deandre d. Madden 1 up
  • Harrison d. O’Brien 2&1
  • Richardson d. Fessler 1 up
  • Crutchfield d. Orozco 5&4
  • Waldner d. Nelson 3&1
  • Secretario d. Sharkey 5&4
  • Jenkins d. Waalkes 2&1
  • Spratley d. Stonesifer 2 up
  • Patten d. White 6&4
  • Griebel h. Gaston
  • Matzat d. Bender 2&1
  • Benezra h. Pulver

Seattle wins 21.5 — 13.5

Overall Records 

Seattle Team

  • Aro 1-1-2
  • Bender 1-3
  • Benezra 2-1-1
  • Deandre 2-1-1
  • Fessler 1-1-2
  • Griebel 2-1-1
  • Harrison 4-0
  • Jenkins 4-0
  • Kofoed 3-0-1
  • Orozco 0-3-1
  • Secretario 4-0
  • Spratley 2-2
  • Waldner 2-1-1
  • White 1-2-1

World Team

  • Cheever 0-3-1
  • Crutchfield 4-0
  • Gaston 0-2-2
  • Madden 1-3
  • Matzat 2-1-1
  • Nelson 0-3-1
  • O’Brien 0-3-1
  • Patten 1-2-1
  • Pulver 1-2-1
  • Richardson 3-0-1
  • Sharkey 1-3
  • Stansell 1-2-1
  • Stonesifer 1-3
  • Waalkes 1-2-1

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