The Toucan Shirt: It Could Have Been Worse

I’m guessing that years from now guys will still be talking about the Seattle Team’s 2019 Sunday shirt.  Known as “Toucan Sam,” the shirt is one of roughly a dozen or so sold by a startup apparel company called Waggle Golf.

I quite liked the Toucan.  Not everyone else did — and they let me know it.

I didn’t think it was even in the running for worst shirt of the week — the World Team’s gray, “morse code” rag was my easy winner in that category.

For some inexplicable reason, the World Team’s gray Friday shirts had what appeared to be morse code on them.

But it did get me to thinking: could I have done worse?

And after a little bit of research into what’s out there in the golf shirt world these days, I reached a clear conclusion.

Yes I could have.

There are any of these offerings from Loudmouth (and there were plenty more I could have added here):

Or any of these from Iliac:

Or these from Bad Birdie:

Or these from William Murray:

So the next time a Seattle Team member complains about his Toucan shirt, he’d do well to remember — it could have had feathers on it.

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