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The 2012 PGA Tour season kicks off today and with it the third year of Greenspan fantasy golf on Yahoo!. I’m happy to report that this year we have forty-three players. That’s up from twenty-seven players last year — a fifty-nine percent increase — and thirteen players the year before.

A three-fold increase since inception. Not bad.

2011 Greenspan Fantasy Is Officially In the Books

The 2011 Greenspan fantasy golf season on Yahoo! fantasy golf is officially in the books. The ’11 season was highlighted by a doubling of the league size (from thirteen to twenty-seven), the addition of a considerable financial component ($100/man) and a decreased reliance on Tiger Woods as the go-to pick.

O'Brien, shown here with fellow fantasy players Jenkins and Gran (and Aro) after a particularly forgettable round, was among the big winners in fantasy golf '11.

Kevin Horton and the World Team’s Tim O’Brien were the season’s big winners. The World Team’s OB, aka Vicadin to Win, had eight top threes, three wins (in a row) and won the season-long points race and $670. Non-Greenspanner Horton (aka Heavys), won the money title with $745 with, incredibly, no individual tournament wins. Kevin would have won the overall points race as well but OB nudged him by eight points in the Tour Championship and four (4) points total — about seven ten thousandths of a percentage point (close stuff, that.) Neither were Bill Haas money — he won roughly $11.44 million and the FedEx Cup today — but suffice it to say, OB’s performance at the Tour Championship this week more than made up for his collapse at Bay Hill.

As for me — well, I wasn’t able to repeat last year’s magic. (More.) Whereas last year I finished in the top three percent of Yahoo! players worldwide and won our fantasy league, this year I could manage no better than an eightieth percentile finish and a sixteenth-place finish in the league. Not bad, but not good, either.

Next up is the Fall Series, a few weeks off, and then the 2012 PGA Tour season. Our goal: fifty-plus players. My goal: to take a few of my greenbacks back from Horton and O’Brien.

A Tough Day for the World Team’s O’Brien

The Greenspan fantasy golf league is proving to be a welcome addition to the lives — and pocketbooks — of many Greenspanners. The World Team’s Tim O’Brien has, in particular, padded his income quite nicely this year with three tournament wins — in a row, no less. And it looked like the first half of the former Two Tons o’ Fun (with Brad Bossio) had the winter segment on Yahoo! Fantasy Golf — and its considerable payout — all locked up.

O'Brien needed eight fantasy points combined from Bubba Watson ...

Until Sunday at Bay Hill, that is.

With Edoardo Molinari shooting 67 (-5) early to set the twenty-point bar, OB only needed eighteen points — an average of 4 1/2 points out of each of his players — to prevail. Basically, his players just needed to show up.

J.B. Holmes ...

Didn’t happen.

Tiger Woods did his job with an even-par 72, good enough for ten points. But the rest — nadda. J.B. Holmes fired a cool 76 for a whopping two points, as did Spencer Levin, who entered the final round in second place. Bubba Watson fired a tidy 78 for a goose egg — zip, zilch, zero.

Bubba still made $48,600 for his finish, which included a 40 on the back. OB, who goes by the screen name VicadinToWin, got goosed.

and Spencer Levin on Sunday at Bay Hill to win the Winter Segment in Greenspan Fantasy Golf. He got four.

Ironically, OB would have still won had Levin been able to squeeze out a 75 to finish -6 instead of -5. He would have earned an additional two points for the saved stroke plus five additional bonus points for what would have been a T3 finish. That would have given OB twenty-one points instead of fourteen — good enough to win.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Truth be told, Greenspanners didn’t exactly dazzle in the Winter Segment. A non-Cupper guy named “Kevin H.” (aka Heavys) ended up winning the big dough. OB came in second. The next-best Greenspanner was the World Team’s Norman Cheuk, who came in sixth. I finished a cool 24th after winning the whole shebang last year.

Our Second Year of Fantasy Golf: Back and Bigger Than Ever

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 2011 PGA Tour season and with it, the start of Greenspan fantasy golf on Yahoo! This year we have twenty-seven players in our league, nearly double our total of fifteen from last year. (Since only thirteen were truly active, we’ve effectively doubled last year’s league.) Of those, thirteen — O’Brien, Gran, Beaton, Nelson, Sharkey, Cheuk, Matzat, Hansen, Gaston, Madden, Benezra, Harrison and myself — are current or former Greenspan players.

After Day One.

Unfortunately things didn’t go well for all of us. Norman, Gaston and myself were among the guys who started Geoff Ogilvy, only to watch him WD a few hours before his tee time. Those of us who weren’t glued to the TV or radio on Thursday morning got a big fat goose egg for our A player — not a good start. Ironically, the World Team’s Beaton (aka “Tri-City Hackers”) finished second after day one. “Ironic” because he had two players on his roster — Alex Prugh and Ryan Moore — who were never in the field. Fortunately, he didn’t start them.

Better luck today — and all year. All that matters is fantasy’s back. It ain’t the real thing, but it’ll do to get us to Bandon.

First-Ever Greenspan Fantasy Golf Is In The Books

Yesterday’s Tour Championship marked the end of season one for Greenspan fantasy golf.

Thirty-seven weeks, fifteen guys, lots of phone calls, unquantifiable fun.

What a total blast.

SuperBKN, aka the World Team's Brad Nelson, won the Summer stanza.

Oh, and we Greenspanners did okay, too. I won the overall season tally for the league and finished in the 97th percentile worldwide. Brad Nelson won the Summer stanza by roughly one percent (18 points) over me.

This year we had fifteen players and ten Greenspanners — myself, Nelson, Matt Beaton, Jason Matzat, Stefan Gran, Chris Hansen, Jeff Benezra, Tim O’Brien, Norman Cheuk and John Harrison. Next year we hope to get those totals to thirty and fifteen. I’ll be commishing — can’t wait.

Greenspan Goes Fantasy

After twelve years of real golf, the boys are taking it to the next level.

Fantasy golf. Yahoo style.

The 2010 PGA Tour season is underway, and with it “Greenspan FGC.” About ten current and former Greenspanners are playing this year. Brad Nelson is our commish.

Day One is behind us. John Harrison, aka Harry’s Army, has the lead. I’m lurking a few shots back after Round One. A lot like Tiger used to do.

John Harrison leads after Day One.