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White, Benezra Win Big Money in Sixth or So Annual ‘Greenspan’ One-Club Open

Chris White shot an almost other-worldly 26 on the first nine and Jeff Benezra an almost-as-good 28 on the second to win the big money at the Sixth or So Annual “Greenspan Cup” One Club Open at Heron Links Golf Course in Redmond.  White and Benezra were two of the eighteen players to tee it up this year on the 900 or so yard course, which played far easier than it did in December 2011, the last time we played the event.

Chris White's first nine 26 was low nine of the day by two shots.

Chris White’s first nine 26 was low nine of the day by two shots.

As fun as the event was for the guys who attended, it wasn’t without its problems — particularly the turnout.    At one point twenty-eight players had committed to play.   After a reminder e-mail last week, however, they started dropping like flies.  The excuses ranged from “I cut my finger” to “something came up” (2) to “I’m playing in another tournament” (2) to — well, you get the idea.   As disappointing was the turnout from Greenspan players.   Of the twenty-eight players scheduled to play Greenspan XVI, 21 of them live in or near Seattle.  Of those, only six — myself, Joel Aro, Tim O’Brien, Chris White, Jason Matzat and newcomer Derek Orozco — played in the One Club — hence the reason why Greenspan Cup is in quotes above.  While a few players can be excused because they were out of town (Mike Waldner, John Harrison), the others’ absence was, after sixteen years, disappointing to say the least.  Almost as bad — six of the 21 didn’t even bother to send a “thanks but no thanks” reply to several e-mail invitations. To put that six in perspective, Andy Mitalas, a friend of mine who doesn’t even know what Greenspan Cup is, brought three players — in addition to himself.

Jeff Benezra first a 29 on the second nine to win low gross honors by a shot over three players.

Jeff Benezra first a 29 on the second nine to win low gross honors by a shot over three players.

Simon Wilks, who won this event two years ago, shot a 58 total, one more than White's day low 57.

Simon Wilks, who won this event two years ago, shot a 58 total, one more than White’s day low 57.

Next year — well, we’ll see.

SCORES (*- returning Greenspan player; **- new Greenspan player)

Front Nine

Chris White* 26 (17)

Simon Wilks 29 (22)

Nick Jenkins* 32 (25)

Derek Orozco** 33 (25)

Jeff Benezra* 33 (26)

Jonathan Wells 33 (26)

Todd Dowling 34 (26)

Joel Aro* 35 (27)

Andy Mitalas 35 (27)

Tim O’Brien* 35 (25)

Dom Tsiotis 35 (27)

Jason Matzat* 36 (28)

Gordon Schryer 36 (26)

Jeff Meyer 37 (29)

Ed Marquez 38 (30)

Niko Mitalas 39 (31)

Eddie Mendez 40 (30)

Ryan Krom ????

Back Nine

Jeff Benezra* 28 (22)

Simon Wilks 29 (23)

Derek Orozco** 29 (22)

Jonathan Wells 29 (22)

Nick Jenkins* 30 (23)

Tim O’Brien* 30 (23)

Chris White* 31 (24)

Jason Matzat* 31 (24)

Todd Dowling 34 (26)

Gordon Schryer 36 (26)

Dom Tsiotis 36 (27)

Niko Mitalas 36 (28)

Joel Aro* 37 (29)

Jeff Meyer 37 (29)

Ed Marquez 38 (30)

Andy Mitalas 38 (29)

Eddie Mendez 40 (30)

Ryan Krom 41 (32)

Tim O'Brien, Joel Aro, me and Derek Orozco -- all JFK Class of 1987 and 4/5 of the Greenspan guys in attendance.

Tim O’Brien, Joel Aro, me and Derek Orozco — all JFK Class of 1987 and 2/3 of the Greenspan guys in attendance.

My new bow tie earned me a "best dressed' nomination from the World Team's O'Brien.

My new bow tie earned me a “best dressed’ nomination from the World Team’s O’Brien.

Boys Day Out at Chambers Bay

Today sixteen of us enjoyed a majestic October day out at Chambers Bay.  Only eight of the “us” were Greenspanners — most of the others couldn’t be bothered to reply a “thanks but no thanks” to the invite e-mail.  Their loss.

White, Waldner, Stonesifer, Kofoed, Fessler, Matzat and Gaston (not pictured) were the current and former Greenspanners who made it out to a majestic Sunday at Chambers Bay.

I debuted by new Alial Fital polo. Unfortunately my good attire didn’t translate into a good score.

Waldner sported his Friday shirt from Greenpan XIV.


The One Club Open 2011: You Had to See It To Believe It

Newcomer Baron Kofoed shot a four-over par 58 and former World Team member Jason Matzat shot 60 to take the gold and silver at the Fifth or So Annual Greenspan Cup One Club Open at the par three course at Willows Run. Norman Cheuk fired a gross 61 to take third low gross and low net by a mile.

Willows Run owner Brian Patton had the course set up about as tough as it could be. Great fun, but you wouldn't want to do it more than once a year.

The story of the tournament, however, wasn’t Kofoed or Matzat or Cheuk so much as it was Brian Patton — or, more specifically, how he set up his course. To call it “tricked out” would be an understatement. At least two tees were on downslopes and every hole was cut within six feet of the fringe, a few no more than two feet. The pin on hole no. 1 was cut on a downslope about three feet off the fringe on the back edge in such a way that a ball could not be stopped within four feet of the hole. The only way to hole out was to either make it or miss it and hope the hole got in the way when the ball began its roll back down the slope. Simon Spratley recorded a ten on the hole while Peter Fessler and at least two others recorded eights. Those conditions, coupled, with frigid temperatures that never got above forty, made those winning scores all the more remarkable.

Jeff Benezra, Adam Waalkes, Joel Aro, Mike Waldner, Nick Jenkins, Norman Cheuk ...

Next up: Greenspan Cup XV. Unfortunately it isn’t until July.

Baron Kofoed 30-28=58 (1st low gross)
Jason Matzat 30-30=60 (2nd low gross)
Chris White 31-31=62 (3rd low gross)
Norman Cheuk 31-30=61 (1st low net)
Tony: 30-33=66
Kevin McCarthy 37-29=66 (3rd low net)
Mike Waldner 35-31=66
Leo Madden 34-33=67
Michael Johnson 34-35=69
Tim O’Brien 38-32=70
Joel Aro 35-35=70
Adam Waalkes 37-34=71
Simon Wilks 35-37=72
Simon Spratley 36-36=72 (2nd low net)
Nicholas Jenkins 36-36=72
Jeff Benezra 37-37=74
Peter Fessler 39-36=75
Rob Stonesifer 45-32=77
Stephanie: 42-36=78
Kyle Sullivan 45-34=79
John Clark 40-WD
Ed Marquez: 43-44=87

Tim O'Brien and Tony Secretario (shown here with Benezra and Stephanie Secretario) were among the nine current Greenspan Cup players in the field. (Not shown: Rob Stonesifer and Leo Madden.)

The Post One Club Horse Race: Was a New Tradition Born?

They say necessity is the mother of invention — but this time it may have been mistake. As it turns out I over-collected (or underpaid) for the One Club by $60, leaving me in a quandary of what to do with said extra cash. We decided to put it up for grabs in a post-tournament horse race on Willows’ putting course.

Our first-ever horse race made for some compelling viewing.

A darn fine decision if I do say so.

About fourteen or so of the original twenty-two One Club players hung around for the hour-long horse race. Jeff Benezra served as the MC and was promptly eliminated on the first hole. We dropped two per hole until the end, when Baron Kofoed, Jason Matzat and Rob Stonesifer remained standing. (Kofoed and Matzat finished 1-2 in the One Club, making them the day’s big winners.) Kofoed two-putted the final hole to take home the big money ($30), while Rob Stonesifer took home second-place honors — and $20 — after Matzat carded a cool ten on the final hole.

Baron Kofoed, flanked here by third- and second-place finishers Jason Matzat and Rob Stonesifer, respectively, won the Horse Race after he won the One Club.

There’s no telling whether we’ll be able to work a horse race into Greenspan Cup proper. But I’m fairly certain it’ll be a fixture after One Clubs in years to come.

1 Baron Kofoed
2 Rob Stonesifer
3 Jason Matzat
Peter Fessler
Norman Cheuk
Michael Johnson
Nick Jenkins
Adam Waalkes
Tony Secretario
Chris White
Joel Aro
Simon Spratley
Ed Marquez
Jeff Benezra

A Greenspan-ish Day Out at Suncadia

Today Tony Secretario, Adam Waalkes, Norman Cheuk, Greg Cheever, Jeff Benezra and me joined six would-be Greenspanners for a day out at Suncadia’s new Rope Rider course. The occasion was the Washington State Golf Association’s “casual day” out and the goal was to preview the new course for future Greenspans.

The course passed the test.

The Seattles beat the Worlds in a side game, but the World Team's Waalkes won the big money.

We played four ball medal over the 6,700-yard Peter Jacobson design. Waalkes and his partner Gordon Stephenson won the big bucks with a score of 62. Non-Greenspanners David Totten and Kyle Sullivan fired a 63 to finish second, while Secretario and Chris White came in third with a 66.

The rest of us got routed.

On a side note, Benezra and I beat Cheever/Cheuk 1 up in a Seattle v. World side match.

A preview, no doubt, of things to come in ’12.

Greenspan Represents Well (Again) at the Royal Oaks Member-Guest

In 2009 and 2010, Paul Sharkey and I represented Greenspan fairly well at the Royal Oaks Member-Guest.

This year, a couple of other Greenspanners did us even better.

The blurry pic doesn't do Nelson and Richardson's second-place finish justice.

Longtime World Team warhorse Brad Nelson — he of the stellar singles record (more) — and future World Team addition Michael Richardson — now “Mr2311” in Greenspan fantasy golf — not only won their flight, they ended up coming in second overall in the ninety-six team field. Only a sudden death playoff loss on the tenth hole kept them from winning it all. (Memo to readers: don’t get above the hole on No. 10, especially when the greens are running about 14 on the stimp.)

According to Nelson, his Greenspan 2012 is, uh, “paid for and then some.”

As for Sharkey and me – well, not so much.

Appropo of nothing, I can’t help but contrast here the performance of a participant in that other tournament that two Greenspanners spun off to form in 2003. I won’t mention the name of it here lest it show up in a Google search, but suffice it to say that one of its players, also a ’11 member-guest participant, had a few too many and proceeded to run his car into an apartment building. Ironically, two years earlier the good folks at the Oaks held a fundraiser to help pay for medical expenses he incurred in getting — yup — a kidney transplant.

Nelson and Richardson, by contrast, kept it on the straight and narrow — they didn’t get boozed up and, according to Nelson, Richardson’s tee balls tracked to the fairways like the aforementioned nimwit’s car tracked to that apartment building.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Congrats to the World Team boys for their stellar finish. May they get all that great play out of their systems before Greenspan 2012.

Worlds and Seattle Team for a Touchdown

Today I joined World Teamers Brad Nelson and Jon Gaston and a friend of Jon’s (Jim) at Royal Oaks for the Super Bowl Scramble.

The title was fitting. We ended up at minus seven — a touchdown. I’m told that’s about the threshhold of respectability in the Texas Scramble format — not totally inept, but wins about as much as a team scoring a touchdown does. In other words, not much.

Jon Gaston, Nick Jenkins and Brad Nelson at Royal Oaks' Super Scramble.

It wasn’t that we played badly so much as we didn’t play great. Lots of fifteen- and twenty footers, few of them made. That doesn’t get it done in anything with the word “scramble” in the title.

Nelson ...

On the bright side for the World Team was the play of Jon Gaston. No one made much of anything on the greens except Gaston, who contributed enough five footers to earn a new nickname, “Jonny One Putt.” Without him we may have ended up with a safety. Speaking of — Brad Nelson holed out my drive on the par 4 eighth for an eagle 2. We were -3 under two. We were also -3 after eleven. Not good.

me ...

Part of the reason we were stuck on a field goal was my play. Not so hot. I was hookin’ it like Charlie Sheen. I have five months to shake that habit. Otherwise I’m goin’ oh-fer.

and Jonny One Putt had more success making field goals than putts.

No win, but good times nonetheless.

Oh, and we all made our field goal attempts on the first hole.

UPDATE: Turns out that touchdown wasn’t so bad after all. The winning score was -11 — a touchdown, two-point coversion and a field goal.