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2017 Photo Recap

A few photos from our trip to Victoria:

2013 Photo Recap

A few pics from our trip to Pinehurst (the rest):

2012 Photo Recap

Last year lots of guys brought their cameras to Bandon Dunes.  This year it was basically me who acted as the tournament photographer.  A few of my favorite pics:

Our first-ever horse race.

Newcomer Baron Kofeod (shown here on Friday) went 3-1-1 for the Seattle Team.

Veteran Brian Patten went 5-0 for the World Team …

while Norman Cheuk went 4-1 for the now five-time defending champions.

The Seattle Team’s Saturday Callaway salmon shirts — glowing.

The Friday- and Saturday night barbecue deliveries were a big hit among the guys, many of whom were weary of picking up other peoples’ restaurant tabs.

Jenkins went 2-3 with two borrowed drivers and a bent putter …

while teammate Aro had some tough luck on the way to an 0-5 year.

We wound things up on Sunday night at Tumble Creek – just before darkness fell.