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206’s Rout Worlds in Greenspan’s Return to Kelowna

KELOWNA, BC.  Five of the first six Greenspan Cups were played in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Then, after Greenspan Cup VI, the Seattle- and World Teams stopped coming.

After this year’s rendition, the old timers were left scratching their heads “why.”

The Cup returned to “the Palm Springs of Canada” for the first time since “the forest fire tournament” of 2003, and what a return it was — especially for the Seattle Team.  Nick Jenkins went 5-0 and Joel Aro and Frank McCaslin added 3 1/2 points each as the 206’s beat the World Team 18-12.  It was the fourth victory in the last five outings for the Jenkins-captained squad, which has trailed at the end of only one stanza since 2016.   Leo Madden won 3 1/2 points for the second-place Worlds.

“For whatever reason we seem to be the better team right now,” opined Jenkins, who is 17-3 in the last four Cups.  “But that all can change.  It wasn’t too long ago (2008-14) that we lost six of seven.”

While players were enamored with Predator Ridge’s scenic new Ridge course …

It may not be too long in geological time, but it seems eons ago on the golf calendar.

they were less than thrilled with Okanagan GC’s Quail course, which wasn’t as great as most players remembered.

After splitting the Friday morning fourball matches the Seattle Team took a one-point lead on Friday afternoon at Predator Ridge,  On Saturday afternoon the 206’s blew things open.  After winning fourball medal by two points in the morning at Okanagan Golf Club’s Bear Course, Seattle extended the lead to an almost insurmountable six points with a three-point, four-matches-to-one route in fourball tiebreaker at the Quail.  Paired with McCaslin, Vince Deandre shot 73 on the way to a 3&2 win over Adam Waalkes and Jon Gaston.  And paired with Jenkins, Peter Fessler, who 48 hours earlier wasn’t sure he’d be able to play at all thank to a groin injury, shot 76 on his way to a 4&3 win over Madden and Bob Thomas.   Only the team of Norman Cheuk and Karl Stricker managed a W for the Worlds, coming home with a 3&2 win over Jeff Benezra and John Harrison.  The Seattleites needed only two points to retain the Cup in singles and won that in the first foursome of the morning.  The Worlds won five of the next eight for the final 18-12 tally.

Seattle Captain Nick Jenkins went 5-0 for the second time in three Cups.

This year’s Cup was not lacking in story lines.  There was the return to Kelowna, which everyone thought was an overwhelming success save for the Quail course, which most players disliked.  “Had I remembered how wacky that course was we would not have returned,” said World Team Captain Greg Cheever, who doubled as the trip’s organizer.  There was the lack of competitiveness: four of the last seven Cups have been huge Seattle blowouts with the results all but determined by Saturday night.

And then there were these Seattle Team shirts:

Made by Waggle Golf, Captain Jenkins made the decision to go with the “Toucan Sam” shirt in a nod to teammate Peter Fessler’s son, who goes by the same name.  It didn’t work.  While Jenkins and teammate Jeff Benezra loved them — Jenkins was heard to say that the shirt “brings (him) joy” — few others were convinced.  On Facebook, retired 206’er Pat Scoccolo called them the ugliest shirts in Greenspan history — which is saying a lot:

For all the wise cracks, however, Jenkins noted that no one took it off for the airplane ride home.  “For a shirt that was supposedly so awful, it sure got plenty of plane time.”

Next year’s Cup will return to Bandon Dunes, with the hope being that we’ll be able to play the by-then opened Sheep Ranch course.  Cheever and Jenkins are expected to return as captains.


Friday Morning Fourball (Predator Ridge [Ridge])
Harrison/McCaslin d. Cheever Thomas 2&1
Aro/Jenkins d. McClellan/Stricker 1 up
Madden/Stansell d. Fessler/Waldner 1 up
Cox/Gaston d. Benezra/Deandre1 up
Cheuk/Waalkes h. Laidlaw/Whitaker

Tied at 2 1/2

Friday Afternoon Aggregate Stableford (Predator Ridge [Predator])
Aro/Waldner d. Cheever/Waalkes 67-50
Stansell/Stricker d. Fessler/McCaslin 49-45
Benezra/Jenkins d. McKlellan/Thomas 52-33 (injury concession after 14)
Gaston/Madden d. Harrison/Laidlaw 56-45
Deandre/Whitaker d. Cheuk/Cox (score ??)

Seattle leads 5 1/2 — 4 1/2

Saturday Morning Fourball Medal (Okanagan GC [Bear])
Aro/Waldner d. Stricker/Waalkes 69-69
Fessler/Jenkins d. Cheuk/Thomas 65-72
Cheever/McKlellan h. Laidlaw/Whitaker 70-70
Benezra/Harrison d. Gaston/Stansell 65-70
Cox/Madden h. Deandre/McCaslin 68-68

Seattle leads 9-6

Saturday Afternoon Fourball Tiebreaker (Okanagan GC [Quail])
Deandre/McCaslin d. Gaston/Waalkes 3&2
Fessler/Jenkins d. Madden/Thomas 4&3
Cheuk/Stricker d. Benezra/Harrison 3&2
Aro/Waldner d. Cox/Stansell 5&3
Laidlaw/Whitaker d. Cheever/McKlellan 4&2

Seattle leads 13-7

Singles (Tower Ranch GC)
McCaslin d. Cheever 4&2
Jenkins d. Gaston 5&4
Stricker d. Waldner 4&2
Harrison d. Waalkes 5&3
Fessler win via injury forfeit (McKlellan)
Laidlaw d. Thomas 2&1
Stansell d. Aro 3&2
Cox d. Benezra 3&2
Madden d. Deandre 6&5
Cheuk d. Whitaker 4&3

Seattle wins 18-12

Overall Records

Seattle Team

  • Aro 3-1-1
  • Benezra 2-3
  • Deandre 2-2-1
  • Fessler 3-2
  • Harrison 3-2
  • Jenkins 5-0
  • Laidlaw 2-1-2
  • McCaslin 3-1-1
  • Waldner 2-2-1
  • Whitaker 2-1-2

World Team

  • Cheuk 2-2-1
  • Cheever 0-4-1
  • Cox 2-2-1
  • Gaston 2-3
  • Madden 3-1-1
  • McKlellan 0-4-1
  • Stansell 3-2
  • Stricker 2-1-2
  • Thomas 0-5
  • Waalkes 0-3-2

206’s Route Worlds in Cup’s Return to Bandon

Bandon, OR.  Last year, the Seattle Team lost the Greenspan Cup on a final hole, ten-foot par putt by Steve Cox.

This year, they promptly took it back.

Whitaker and Laidlaw, shown here with World Team captain Cheever, combined for 8 1/2 points.

Steve Whitaker went 5-0 and Frank McCaslin and Peter Fessler added 4 1/2 and four points respectively as Team 206 routed the World Team 23 1/2 — 12 1/2 at Greenspan Cup XXI in Bandon, Oregon.   Leo Madden went 3-1-1 for Captain Greg Cheever’s squad, which lost for the second time in three years and eleventh time overall over the Cup’s twenty-one year history.

Despite his struggles here, Madden won 3 1/2 points for the Worlds.

“Something about Bandon agrees with us,” opined Seattle Team captain Nick Jenkins, who won his first three matches to set a Cup record with ten consecutive wins over a three-event period.  “In 2015 we set a Cup record with twenty-four points — and this time we darn near beat it.”

The competition was never close. Team Seattle got off to an early 4-2 lead in Friday morning fourballs, with  Jack Laidlaw and Steve Whitaker beating Cheever and Bob Thomas 2 up in a surprise win to get things started.  “Laidlaw had  a tough 2017,” recalled Jenkins.  “His early win really set the tone.”

The Seattle Team’s glow-in-the-fog coral shirts were the talk of the resort on Saturday.

Seattle blew things open in afternoon aggregate stableford at a windy Old MacDonald track.  Madden and Norman Cheuk paired to beat Laidlaw and Vince Deandre — the only point World scored in a stanza that saw them fall behind 9-3 heading into the weekend.  “Any format where both balls count clearly favors the Seattle Team,” opined returning Seattle Team veteran Joel Aro.  “Despite our ten losses, we are clearly the deeper team.   And we dress better, too.”

Apparently aware that Bandon has a limited dress code, Waldner, shown here with Stratz, O’Brien and Cheuk. went with the untucked look all weekend.

Clad in virtually glow-in-the-dark coral Walter Hagen shirts, the Seattleites extended their lead in Saturday morning bestball medal at Pacific Dunes.  Seattle won matches 3 through 5 after halving the first two: only Cox and Austin Teague won their match for the Worlds.   The fog rolled in at Bandon Dunes in the afternoon and that seemed to slow the onslaught, as the Worlds won the afternoon tiebreaker stanza 3 1/2 — 2 1/2 to make the score 15 1/2 — 8 1/2 heading to singles at Bandon Crossings.

Teague, shown here at Pacific Dunes, teamed with O’Brien to snap Jenkins’s three-year personal winning streak at ten.

Seattle needed only three points heading into singles — and it won them quickly.  Aro clinched the Cup on the twelfth hole of the third match of the day with a convincing 7&6 win over rookie Reuben Mickel.  After that the only question for the players who hung out for the duration was whether Seattle could beat its record of 24 points, a standard it set in 2015 and which was once thought as insurmountable as Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak.

Waldner was the only player to break 80 in all rounds at Bandon.

Team 206 didn’t quite hit the twenty-four point mark, but an eleven-point win made Cox’s putt in Victoria last year a very distant memory.

Greenspan Cup XXII is tentatively scheduled for Whitefish, Montana.  Cheever and Jenkins are expected back as captains.


Friday Morning Fourball (Pacific Dunes)
Laidlaw/Whitaker d. Cheever/Thomas 2 up
Fessler/Gouk d. Madden/Waalkes 4&3
Anderson/McCaslin d. Gaston/Mickel 3&2
Cheuk/O’Brien d. Stratz/Waldner 2&1
Jenkins/Secretario d.  Nelson/Teague 1 up
Cox/Stansell d. Deandre/Harrison 1 up

Seattle leads 4-2

Friday Afternoon Aggregate Stableford (Old MacDonald)
Anderson/Stratz d. Cheever/Mickel 64-53
McCaslin/Secretario d. Gaston/Thomas 65-60
Cheuk/Madden d. Deandre/Laidlaw 62-48
Aro/Jenkins d. Cox/Nelson 65-58
Fessler/Waldner d. O’Brien/Stansell +8
Harrison/Whitaker d. Teague/Waalkes 76-70

Seattle leads 9-3

Saturday Morning Fourball Medal (Pacific Dunes)
Cheever/Waalkes h. McCaslin/Stratz 68 1/2 — 68 1/2
Madden/Thomas h. Deandre/Secretario 70 1/2
Fessler/Harrison d. Gaston/O’Brien 64-71
Laidlaw/Whitaker d. Mickel/Nelson 68-60
Aro/Jenkins d. Cheuk/Stansell 67-71
Cox/Teague d. Waldner/Anderson +1

Seattle leads 13-5

Saturday Afternoon Fourball Tiebreaker (Bandon Dunes)
Deandre/McCaslin d. Cheever/Gaston 6&5
Cheuk/Thomas d. Anderson/Fessler 3&1
Nelson/Waalkes h. Laidlaw/Stratz
Madden/Mickel d. Gouk/Harrison 4&2
Secretario/Whitaker d. Cox/Stansell 1 up
O’Brien/Teague d. Jenkins/Waldner 1 up

Seattle leads 15 1/2 — 8 1/2

Singles (Bandon Crossings)
Harrison d. Cheever 3&2
Stratz d. O’Brien 7&6
Aro d. Mickel 7&6
Gaston d. Secretario 5&4
Madden d. Jenkins 1 up
Whitaker d. Cheuk 3&2
Fessler d. Waalkes 1 up
Anderson d. Nelson 7&6
Stansell d. Waldner 4&3
McCaslin d. Cox 2 up
Laidlaw d. Thomas 6&4
Teague d. Deandre 3&2

Seattle wins 23 1/2 — 12 1/2

Overall Records

Seattle Team

  • Anderson 3-2
  • Aro 3-0
  • Deandre 1-1-3
  • Fessler 4-1
  • Gouk 1-1
  • Harrison 3-2
  • Jenkins 3-2
  • Laidlaw 3-1-1
  • Mccaslin 4-0-1
  • Secretario 3-1-1
  • Stratz 2-1-2
  • Waldner 1-4
  • Whitaker 5-0

World Team

  • Cheuk 3-2
  • Cheever 0-4-1
  • Cox 2-3
  • Gaston 1-4
  • Madden 3-1-1
  • Mickel 1-4
  • Nelson 0-4-1
  • O’Brien 2-3
  • Stansell 2-3
  • Teague 3-2
  • Thomas 1-3-1
  • Waalkes 0-3-2

Cox Sinks Ten Footer to Win Cup for Worlds

Victoria, British Columbia.  At 2:30 pm on Sunday, Steve Cox was winless, nervous, and wondering if he’d make the long flight home to Los Angeles as a member of the losing squad for the second straight year.

Fifteen minutes later, he was a Greenspan Cup hero.

The second-year World Team veteran hit a ten-foot downhill putt in the final group and on the final green to defeat Mike Waldner 2 up and deliver the World Team a 15 1/2 — 14 1/2 victory in the twentieth playing of the Greenspan Cup.

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain’s par five 13th was not as great as we remembered it from 2005.


Nelson, shown here with Benezra and Fessler, shot two 79’s on Saturday.

“I was a bit nervous,” admitted Cox, who hadn’t tasted victory since defeating Paul Ahern 6&4 in his singles match last year.  “Still, I looked forward to being in the last game in a very close Greenspan, and I’m pleased that I was able to deliver for Captain Cheever.”

It was not always evident that a close match was in the cards.

The Seattle Team picked up where it left off in 2016 with a 4-1 win in Friday morning fourball.  Two of the matches — Jeff Benezra and Nick Jenkins’s 5&4 win over Cox and Joe Stansell and Vince Deandre and Peter Fessler’s 6&5 win over Paul Sharkey and Adam Waalkes — weren’t close.  And it wasn’t because the 206’s played particularly well.


Seattle captain Jenkins went 5-0 for the second-place squad.

But the Worlds came roaring back to tie the score 5-5 after afternoon aggregate Stableford.    Sharkey, who had been struggling with his swings for the better part of a year, was a surprise winner (with newcomer Austin Teague) over Deandre/Fessler.  “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated,” quipped the oft-times World Team captain.  “I’m on the road to recovery.  I just hope that road goes nowhere near Charles Barkley’s house.”


Seattle fought back in the Saturday morning fourball medal matches.  Jenkins and John Harrison put Sharkey back in his place – the L column — with a 70-75 win, and Deandre and rookie Isaac McLellan squeaked out a narrow 72-73 win over Stansell and Greg Cheever. But the Worlds took the afternoon again at Gorge Vale to tie the matches at 10 going into singles.   Among the winners: Brad Nelson, who shot his second straight 79 to, with teammate Cheever, beat Benezra and Mike Waldner 5&4.


And then there was Sunday.


And what a Sunday it was.


Three of the ten matches were barely matches at all.  Teague was forced to retire against Harrison with health issues, and two World Team members, Waalkes and Sharkey, beat their opponents (Jack Laidlaw and Isaac McLellan, respectively) by 8&7 scores.  “After watching Sharkey imitate Charles Barkley on Saturday, I would have bet Clinton money that he would not win a match 8&7,” said a shocked Jenkins.

The rest of the matches were relatively close, but most of the closes ones broke the World Team’s way.   Rookie Karl Stricker beat Steve Whitaker, back from a ten-year hiatus, by a 2 up score.  Tim O’Brien beat Benezra 1 up when the latter missed a four-foot putt to tie on the final hole.


Then there was Cox v. Waldner.  The second-year World Teamer had struggled all week off the tee and was 0-4 coming in.  “Given how sideways Cox was driving the ball, I liked Waldner’s chances coming in,” said Jenkins, who played against Cox three times in the first four matches.  But on this day Cox’s banana ball slice was slightly less fruity, and he put together his best round of the weekend.  Waldner trailed only 1 down standing on the 18th tee but, given that Cox stroked, the one-time Division I player needed to win the hole by two strokes.  He had a five footer left for par as Cox stood over his ten footer for bogey.



Cox’s winning putt might still be going had it not hit the hole.

It was almost Waldner’s moment.   But Cox ceased it — and his place in Greenspan history — instead.


Planning for Greenspan Cup XXI is already under way.  We’ll head back to Bandon Dunes.

The captain and his favorite player.


Friday Morning Fourball (Bear Mountain [Mountain])
Harrison/McClaslin d. Nelson/Teague 1 up
Waldner/McLellan h. Stricker/Cheuk
Deandre/Fessler d. Sharkey/Waalkes 6&5
Benezra/Jenkins d. Cox/Stansell 5&4
Cheever/O’Brien h. Laidlaw/Waldner

Seattle leads 4-1

Friday Afternoon Aggregate Stableford (Bear Mountain [Valley])
Sharkey/Teague d. Deandre/Fessler 58-46
Cheuk/Waalkes d. McLellan/Waldner 51-47
Stansell/Stricker d. Harrison/McCaslin 48-44
Benezra/Jenkins d. Cheever/Cox 54-47
Nelson/O’Brien d. Laidlaw/Whitaker 53-49

Tied 5-5

Saturday Morning Fourball Medal (Highland Pacific)
Teague/Waalkes d. McCaslin/Whitaker 68-71
Nelson/Stricker d. Benezra/Fessler 64-74
Deandre/McLellan d. Cheever/Stansell 72-73
Laidlaw/Waldner d. Cox/O’Brien 71-72
Harrison/Jenkins d. Cheuk/Sharkey 70-75

Seattle leads 8-7

Saturday Afternoon Fourball Tiebreaker (Gorge Vale)
Cheever/Nelson d. Benezra/Waldner 5&4
Deandre/Whitaker d. O’Brien/Stricker 3&2
Jenkins/Fessler d. Cox/Waalkes 4&3
Sharkey/Stansell d. Harrison/Laidlaw 3&2
Cheuk/Teague d. McCaslin/McLellan 5&4

Tied 10-10

Singles (Olympic View)
Harrison d. Teague (retired)
McCaslin h. Nelson
Sharkey d. McLellan 8&7
Stricker d. Whitaker 2 up
Deandre d. Cheever 4&3
O’Brien d. Benezra 1 up
Fessler d. Stansell 1 up
Waalkes d. Laidlaw 8&7
Jenkins d. Cheuk 2&1
Cox d. Waldner 2 up

World wins 15 1/2 — 14 1/2

Overall Records

Seattle Team

  • Benezra 2-3
  • Deandre 4-1
  • Fessler 3-2
  • Harrison 3-2
  • Jenkins 5-0
  • Laidlaw 1-3-1
  • Mccaslin 1-3-1
  • McLellan 1-3-1
  • Waldner 1-3-1
  • Whitaker 1-3-1

World Team

  • Cheuk 2-2-1
  • Cheever 1-3-1
  • Cox 1-4
  • Nelson 3-1-1
  • O’Brien 2-2-1
  • Sharkey 3-2
  • Stansell 2-3
  • Stricker 3-1-1
  • Teague 3-2
  • Waalkes 3-2

Short-Handed Seattle Team Whips Worlds for Second Straight Cup Win

RENO-TAHOE.  Tony Secretario and Peter Fessler each went 5-0 and Max Anderson, Nick Jenkins and newcomer Frank Mccaslin all went 4-1 as the Seattle Team cruised to a four-point win in the nineteenth playing of the Greenspan Cup.   Joe Stansill added 3 1/2 points for the World Team, which lost for the third time in four years after winning five in a row from 2008-12. With three points each, Blake Mori, Norman Cheuk and Adam Waalkes were the only other World Team players with winning records.

Tony Secretario ...

Tony Secretario …

“Five straight losses is a far cry from where we are now — two wins by a total of sixteen points,” said Seattle Team Captain John Harrison.  “I’m not sure what’s happened, but I don’t see the Cup leaving the 206 anytime soon.”

“I don’t know what to say other than we need to play better,” lamented World Team Captain Paul Sharkey.  “(Jon) Gaston, (Greg) Cheever and I went a combined 4-10-1, and that ain’t gonna get it done.”

and Peter Fessler each went 5-0 in Greenspan's first-ever visit to ...

and Peter Fessler each went 5-0 in Greenspan’s first-ever visit to …

As with most Greenspans, the result of this outing was hardly a fait accompli. The World Team jumped out to a 4-2 lead in Friday morning’s fourball matches; three of its wins came before the sixteenth tee. Captain Sharkey’s squad held serve in the afternoon Aggregate Stableford matches, and but for Peter Fessler’s last hole birdie to beat Cheuk and Steve Cox by a 60-59 tally, the Seattle Team’s overnight deficit would have been worse than two.


the Biggest Little City in the World.

But the undefeated Seattle Team veteran did make birdie, and that set the tone for a big Seattle Saturday. Team 206 won 4 ½ of the six points available in the morning Bestball Medal round at Coyote Moon (only Cheuk and Tim O’Brien won) and what was a two-point World Team lead was suddenly a one-point deficit – ironically, the same score as it was going into Saturday afternoon last year.

Norman Cheuk, shown here on the 14th hole at Coyote Moon, was one of the few bright spots for the World Team.

Norman Cheuk, shown here on the 14th hole at Coyote Moon, was one of the few bright spots for the World Team.

Saturday afternoon went no better for the Worlds. Seattle won the Bestball Tiebreaker stanza by a 4-2 count, its only losses coming by Jack Laidlaw, who played Stansell/Cheever on his own; and by Simon Spratley and Mike Waldner, who withdrew in their match against Brad Nelson and Steve Cox when Waldner was stung by a bevy of wasps and pulled his calf trying to get away.

Team Seattle won despite playing with an eleven-man roster.

Team Seattle won despite playing with an eleven-man roster.

“I didn’t know Waldner had those kind of moves,” quipped Nelson, who beat Spratley for the second time in two days.

The most memorable match of Saturday afternoon was Anderson/Jenkins v. Cheuk and newcomer Bob Thomas. The latter rallied from a four-hole deficit with four to play to take the match to the final hole and would have eaked out a halve had Thomas not left a twenty-foot putt an inch short on their final green.

“That halve would have been tough to live down,” quipped a relieved Jenkins. “But a win’s a win – even if we did it with two sixes on the last hole.”

The World Team entered Sunday with a three-point deficit – the same as 2015. The team played better than it did last year – 1 ½ total points is easy to beat – but a 6 1/2 – 5 1/2 World loss in singles still added up to a 20-16 Seattle win. The biggest surprises: the until-then 0-4 Spratley’s 6&4 win over Stefan Gran and the injured Waldner’s halve with Thomas.

Those weren’t the kind of surprises the World Team was looking for.

If XIX had a sub-theme, it was injuries. Seattle’s. Longtime 206 vet Chris White couldn’t make the trip due to a serious degenerative back condition. Fellow vet Joel Aro made it to the Biggest Little City in the World but could manage only four holes in the practice round before packing it in for the weekend.   And Waldner withdrew on Saturday afternoon after his aforementioned losing battle with a wasp’s nest and played Sunday on one leg.

But the injuries made no difference. Despite effectively ceding two points to the Worlds – the aforementioned Spratley/Waldner WD and Aro’s DNP singles “loss” – and playing four other matches 2 v 1, Seattle still won by four.

Seattle vet Joel Aro, shown here on the way to Thursday's practice round, could not make the call due to a bad back.

Seattle vet Joel Aro, shown here on the way to Thursday’s practice round, could not make the call due to a bad back.

“We’ll probably never threaten the twelve-point win we had in 2015,” opined Harrison. “But had we have been at full strength, we may have threatened the nine-point margin we had in 2003.”

When the discussion turns to how bad the losses are, it can only bad news for one team. And as of now, that team is the World.

“It’s been a rough couple of years,” lamented Sharkey, who himself seems to have modeled his swing after Charles Barkley’s. “But at least we didn’t have to wear traffic cone orange shirts.”

Next year’s Cup, the twentieth, is scheduled for July 2017. The likely site: Victoria, British Columbia. Jenkins will captain the Seattle squad, while Cheever will return as captain for the Worlds.


Friday Morning Fourball (Gray’s Crossing)
Anderson/Jenkins d. Cox/Stansell 5&4
Gran/Sharkey d. Mccaslin/(no partner) 5&3

Fessler/Secretario d. Cheever/Gaston 3&2
Cheuk/Nelson d. Ahern/Spratley 5&4
Mori/O’Brien d. Deandre/Laidlaw 5&3
Thomas/Waalkes d. Harrison/Waldner 1 up

World leads 4-2

Friday Afternoon Aggregate Stableford (Old Greenwood)
Anderson/Jenkins d. Cheever/O’Brien 69-51
Mori/Waalkes d. Deandre/Laidlaw 54-42
Mccaslin/Waldner d. Gran/Nelson 64-52
Gaston/Sharkey d. Harrison/(no partner) 35-33
Stansell/Thomas d. Ahern/Spratley 45-42
Fessler/Secretario d. Cheuk/Cox 60-59

World leads 7-5

Saturday Morning Fourball Medal (Coyote Moon)
Cheuk/O’Brien d. Jenkins/Spratley 64-69
Ahern/Secretario d. Nelson/Waalkes 66-69
Sharkey/Stansell h. Waldner/(no partner) 79-79
Harrison/Mccaslin d. Cox/Thomas 64-68
Anderson/Laidlaw d. Cheever/Gaston 65-79
Deandre/Fessler d. Gran/Mori 65-68

Seattle leads 9 1/2 – 8 1/2

Saturday Afternoon Fourball Tiebreaker (Coyote Moon)
Cox/Nelson d. Spratley/Waldner WD
Harrison/Mccaslin d. Gaston/Sharkey 3&2
Anderson/Jenkins d. Cheuk/Thomas 1 up
Ahern/Secretario d. Mori/Waalkes 4&2
Cheever/Stansell d. Laidlaw/(no partner) 4&3
Deandre/Fessler d. Gran/O’Brien 1 up

Seattle leads 13 1/2 – 10 1/2

Singles (Red Hawk [Lakes])
Mccaslin d. Nelson 5&3
Mori d. Anderson 2&1
Spratley d. Gran 6&4
Jenkins d. O’Brien 4&3
Cox d. Ahern 6&4
Stansell d. Laidlaw 1 up
Waalkes (no opponent)
Secretario d. Cheever 6&5
Harrison d, Gaston 4&2
Waldner h. Thomas
Fessler d. Sharkey 2&1
Cheuk d. Deandre 3&2

Seattle wins 20 — 16

Overall Records

Seattle Team

  • Ahern 2-3
  • Aro DNP
  • Anderson 4-1
  • Deandre 2-3
  • Fessler 5-0
  • Harrison 3-2
  • Jenkins 4-1
  • Laidlaw 1-4
  • Mccaslin 4-1
  • Secretario 5-0
  • Spratley 1-4
  • Waldner 1-2-2

World Team

  • Cheuk 3-2
  • Cheever 1-4
  • Cox 2-3
  • Gaston 1-4
  • Gran 2-3
  • Mori 3-2
  • Nelson 2-3
  • O’Brien 2-3
  • Sharkey 2-2-1
  • Stansell 3-1-1
  • Thomas 2-2-1
  • Waalkes 3-2

Seattle Routes World in Most Lopsided Cup Ever

There are certain numbers that are synonymous with unbreakable records in sports.

56 —  Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak in 1941.

100 — Wilt Chamberlain’s points in a single 1962 NBA game.

11 — Byron Nelson’s consecutive tournament wins in 1945.

Add 24 to that list.  That’s the number of points the Seattle Team scored in defeating the World Team at Greenspan Cup XVIII in Bandon, Oregon.

Competitors played the practice round on the 13-hole Preserve course.

Competitors played the practice round on the 13-hole Preserve course.

Team 206’s 24-12 win was 1 1/2 points better that its 22 1/2 — 13 1/2 win in Greenspan Cup IV, a competition record which stood for fourteen years.  It was also 8 1/2 points more than it scored just a year earlier at Greenspan Cup XVII.  Mike Waldner led the Seattleites with a 4-1 record, while Max Anderson, Vince Deandre, Peter Fessler, Captain John Harrison, Nick Jenkins, Pat Scoccolo and Tony Secretario all went 3-1-1 for the winners.

Leo Madden went 3-1-1 and newcomer Blake Mori went 3-2 for the World Team, which lost for only the second time in eight Greenspans.

The new Punchbowl putting course played host to Thursday night debachery.

The new Punchbowl putting course played host to Thursday night debachery.

“Everything that could have gone right for us did,” opined Harrison, who improved his record to 1-2 as Seattle’s captain.  “The golf gods seemed to make up for more or less eight years of bad luck in one Greenspan.”

Stephan Gran and Blake Mori had a key comeback win at Bandon Trails.

Stephan Gran and Blake Mori had a key comeback win at Bandon Trails.

Despite the final tally the outcome was hardly a fait accompli.  Seattle jumped to a 4-2 lead after Friday morning fourball, winning four matches and tying two more.  But the World Team hung tough in the afternoon Stableford at Pacific Dunes.   With Seattle up 7-3 and threatening to pull away, the teams of Cheuk/Mori and Nelson/Madden each won their closing matches handily to make the score 7-5 heading into Saturday.

Newcomer Charles Birnbach, shown here at Pacific Dunes, had a hole in one during the practice round.

Newcomer Charles Birnbach, shown here at Pacific Dunes, had a hole in one during the practice round.

Captain Paul Sharkey’s World squad narrowed the gap on Saturday morning.  The Worlds took 3 1/2 points in the morning fourball medal at Bandon Dunes to cut the lead to one.  But it was all downhill from there.  With their injured colleague Joel Aro watching on course, the Seattle boys took four of six points in the afternoon fourball tiebreaker at Old MacDonald to extend their lead to three going into Sunday singles.

Oh, the singles.

Returning veteran Paul Ahern was one of ten Seattleites to win his singles match.

Returning veteran Paul Ahern was one of ten Seattleites to win his singles match.

A three-point lead is usually not insurmountable going into singles.  But this time it was.  Team 206 won the first nine matches at Bandon Crossings — certainly a record if there was such a stat — and the outcome of the competition was decided when Deandre beat John Sheehan 1 up in the fifth match of the day.  Only Sharkey, who defeated Simon Spratley, and Joe Stansell, who halved Harrison, put anything on the board for the World Team.

Nick Jenkins, the losing captain last year, posed with the hardware after the rain came on Sunday afternoon.

Nick Jenkins, the losing captain last year, posed with the hardware after the rain came on Sunday afternoon.

“Never seen anything like it,” lamented Sharkey, who lost for only the second time as captain.  “Pretty sure I won’t see it again.”

Greenspan Cup XIX is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in July 2016.  Captains Harrison and Sharkey are expected to return.


Friday Morning Fourball (Bandon Trails)
Ahern/Spratley d. O’Brien/Nelson 4&2
Gran/Mori d. Jenkins/Birnbach 2 up
Waalkes Cheever h. Anderson/Secretario
Harrison/White d. Stansell/Sheehan 3&1
Fessler/Waldner d. Sharkey/Gaston 6&4
Scoccolo/Deandre h. Cheuk/Madden

Seattle leads 4-2

Friday Afternoon Stableford (Pacific Dunes)
Jenkins/Birnbach d Gaston/Sheehan 46-42
Waalkes/O’Brien d. Harrison/White 59-58
Deandre/Scoccolo d. Stansell/Cheever 62-51
Secretario/Anderson d. Gran/Sharkey 68-49
Cheuk/Mori d. Waldner/Fessler 55-47
Nelson/Madden d. Spratley/Ahern 57-37

Seattle leads 7-5

Saturday Morning Fourball Medal (Bandon Dunes)
Cheever/Madden d. Scoccolo/Deandre 67-69
Harrison/Waldner d. Stansell/Sharkey 65-71
Waalkes/Mori d. Anderson/Secretario 60-64
Sheehan/Nelson d. Spratley Birnbach 70-79
Jenkins/Fessler h. Cheuk/Gaston 65-65
Ahern/White d. Gran/O’Brien 62-64

Seattle leads 9 1/2 – 8 1/2

Saturday Afternoon Fourball Tiebreaker (Old MacDonald)
Secretario/Scoccolo d. O’Brien/Waalkes 3&2
Anderson/Deandre d. Mori/Gran 3&1
Harrison/Waldner d. Stansell/Sharkey 5&4
Jenkins/Fessler d Nelson/Sheehan 3&2
Cheever/Gaston d. Birnbach/Spratley 2&1
Madden/Cheuk d. Ahern/White 6&5

Seattle leads 13 1/2 – 10 1/2

Singles (Bandon Crossings)
Anderson d Cheever 2 up
Birnbach d Waalkes 1 up
Waldner d Mori 3&2
Scoccolo d Madden 3&2
Deandre d Sheehan 1 up
Secretario d Nelson 5&4
Ahern d O’Brien 6&4
Jenkins d Gran 2&1
Fessler d Gaston 6&5
Harrison h. Stansell
Sharkey d Spratley 2&1
White d Cheuk 3&2

Seattle wins 24-12

Overall Records

Seattle Team

  • Ahern 3-2
  • Anderson 3-1-1
  • Birnbach 2-2-1
  • Deandre 3-1-1
  • Fessler 3-1-1
  • Harrison 3-1-1
  • Jenkins 3-1-1
  • Scoccolo 3-1-1
  • Secretario 3-1-1
  • Spratley 1-4
  • Waldner 4-1
  • White 3-2

World Team

  • Cheuk 2-1-2
  • Cheever 2-2-1
  • Gaston 1-3-1
  • Gran 1-4
  • Madden 3-1-1
  • Mori 3-2
  • Nelson 2-3
  • O’Brien 1-4
  • Sharkey 1-4
  • Sheehan 1-4
  • Stansell 0-4-1
  • Waalkes 2-2-1


World Makes It Six of Seven, Reclaims Cup at Chambers Bay

University Place, WA — A decade ago, Adam Waalkes was the opponent every Seattle Team member wanted to face. Today, no 206er wants any part of him.

The seventeen-year Greenspan Cup veteran went 3-1-1 to help the World Team reclaim the Cup 20 1/2 — 15 1/2 at Chambers Bay. (Share site I Pics.)  Long-feared Leo Madden went 4-1 for the winners, who won the annual competition for the sixth time in seven years.  Michael Richardson and Jon Gaston also went 3-1-1 for the Worlds, while newcomer Eric Ward went 4-1 for the Emerald City boys.

Adam Waalkes (shown here at the Chambers Bay practice round) was one of three World Team players to win at least 3 1/2 points.

Adam Waalkes (shown here at the Chambers Bay practice round) was one of three World Team players to win at least 3 1/2 points.

“Adam’s the best 17 on the planet,” lamented Seattle’s Jeff Benezra, who came up on the short end of the Waalkes stick in Saturday morning best ball.  “The USGA needs to re-rate (Waalkes’ home course) Plateau now, before Adam wrecks more havoc on a clearly superior Seattle team.”

Early on it appeared not even Sir Pop-a-Lot would be enough for the Worlds to reclaim the Cup, which has resided in Nick Jenkins’s family room for the last year.  The teams of Max Anderson/Eric Ward and John Harrison/Chris White both won their matches on the 14th hole at Gold Mountain’s Olympic Course and the Seattle Team led by a point after the Friday morning bestball matches.  But the lead was short lived as the World Team won four points in the afternoon Stableford at Gold Mountain’s Cascade Course.  It could have been worse: World Team Captain Paul Sharkey and Tim O’Brien both missed two footers on the 18th hole to hand their match to Peter Fessler and Jenkins, 71-70.

“I have a Doug Sanders history with Jenkins on 18th holes,” lamented O’Brien who, in 2011, missed a one-foot putt on Bandon Dunes’ final hole that handed this year’s Seattle captain and Joel Aro a half point in a match they should have lost.

O’Brien bounced back the next morning, however, as the Worlds extended their lead to three heading back to Chambers Bay.  Four World teams — John Sheehan/Joe Stansell, Jason Matzat/Waalkes, O’Brien/Richardson and Madden/Brad Nelson — shot 65’s or better to extend the World Team’s lead to three.  Seattle bounced back in the Saturday afternoon fourball tiebreaker matches at Chambers Bay, however, to narrow the deficit to two heading into Sunday singles.

Because the World Team won the practice round tiebreaker, however, the Seattle Team needed to win 7 1/2 of twelve points in Sunday singles to retain the Cup.

It didn’t come close.

Only Baron Kofoed and Ward won their singles matches for the Seattle boys, and thanks to 2 1/2 points from a record five halved matches, the World Team cruised to a five-point victory.

“With Adam as tough as he is now and a few new faces on the roster, the World Team has no weak links this side of Gaston’s insides,” opined Jenkins, who slipped to .500 as a captain.  “If we’re going to avoid another five-year losing streak we’re going to need everyone to step up their games — including me.”

Baron Kofoed was one of only two Seattle Teamers to win their singles matches.

Baron Kofoed was one of only two Seattle Teamers to win their singles matches.

Better play would help, but so would accurate handicaps.  Captains Sharkey and Jenkins elected to go with the July 15 GHIN cycle instead of the updated July 30 one, mostly because the GHIN update wasn’t scheduled to happen until a few hours before the Friday morning round.   That decision may have made a difference.  Jenkins’s handicap, for example, went up .7 strokes, while Waalkes’ went down 1.2 strokes.  Waalkes and O’Brien beat Jenkins and Tony Secretario 3&1 — six hours after GHIN posted its July 30 GHIN cycle.

Jenkins, however, doesn’t blame the handicaps for his team’s second-place finish.  “Some guys went up, others went down — It probably would have all come out in the wash.  Ultimately we just got outplayed.”

Team 206 won’t have to wait as long as the Worlds did for its chance to take back the Cup.  Whereas there was a fourteen-month gap between Greenspan Cup XVI at Pinehurst and this year’s competition, Greenspan Cup XVIII is already booked for July 30-August 2 at Bandon Dunes, Oregon — less than a year away. Sharkey and Jenkins will likely return as captains.


Fourball Match (at the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain) 

  • Anderson/Ward d. Nelson/Richardson 5&4
  • Benezra/Waldner h. Cheuk/Matzat
  • Gaston/Sharkey d. Deandre/Fessler 3&2
  • O’Brien/Waalkes d. Jenkins/Secretario 3&1
  • Aro/Kofoed d. Cheever/Stansell 4&2
  • Harrison/White d. Madden/Sheehan 6&4

Seattle leads 3 1/2 — 2 1/2

Aggregate Stableford (at the Cascade Course at Gold Mountain) 

  • Anderson/Ward d. Cheever/Waalkes 72-67
  • Gaston/Richardson d. Aro/Waldner 69-64
  • Matzat/Stansell d. Benezra/Harrison 63-49
  • Fessler/Jenkins d. O’Brien/Sharkey 71-70
  • Cheuk/Madden d. Secretario/White 69-67
  • Nelson/Sheehan d. Deandre/Kofoed 66-62

World leads 6 1/2 — 5 1/2

Bestball Medal (at the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain) 

  • Anderson/Aro d. Cheever/Gaston 66-73
  • Sheehan/Stansell d. Secretario/Ward 65-66
  • Matzat/Waalkes d. Benezra/Waldner 65-67
  • O’Brien/Richardson d. Jenkins/Kofoed 65-66
  • Madden/Nelson d. Deandre/Fessler 64-72
  • Harrison/White d. Cheuk/Sharkey 68-70

World leads 10 1/2 — 7 1/2

Fourball Tiebreaker (at Chambers Bay)

  • Benezra/Ward d. Sheehan/Stansell 5&3
  • Madden/Waalkes d. Aro/Waldner 3&2
  • Jenkins/Secretario d. Cheever/Nelson 6&4
  • Richardson/Sharkey d. Anderson/Deandre 5&3
  • Harrison/White d. Cheuk/O’Brien 2 up
  • Fessler/Kofoed h. Gaston/Matzat

World leads 13-11

Singles (at Chambers Bay)

  • Madden d. White 4&2
  • Matzat h. Waldner
  • Deandre h. Richardson
  • Benezra h. Cheuk
  • Sheehan d. Jenkins 4&3
  • Kofoed d. Nelson 3&2
  • Gaston d. Fessler 3&1
  • Cheever d. Secretario 7&5
  • Ward d. O’Brien 2&1
  • Harrison h. Sharkey
  • Stansell d. Aro 1 up
  • Anderson h. Waalkes

World Wins 20 1/2 — 15 1/2

Overall Records

Seattle Team

  • Anderson 3-1-1
  • Aro 2-3
  • Benezra 1-2-2
  • Deandre 0-4-1
  • Fessler 1-3-1
  • Harrison 3-1-1
  • Jenkins 2-3
  • Kofoed 2-2-1
  • Secretario 1-4
  • Waldner 0-3-2
  • Ward 4-1
  • White 3-2

World Team

  • Cheever 1-4
  • Cheuk 1-2-2
  • Gaston 3-1-1
  • Madden 4-1
  • Matzat 2-0-3
  • Nelson 2-3
  • O’Brien 2-3
  • Richardson 3-1-1
  • Sharkey 3-2
  • Sheehan 3-2
  • Stanesell 3-2
  • Waalkes 3-1-1


Seattle Routes World in Rain-Soaked Pinehurst Greenspan

Pinehurst, NC — John Harrison, Nick Jenkins and Tony Secretario all went 4-0 and Baron Kofoed went 3-0-1 as the Seattle Team routed the World Team 21 1/2 — 13 1/2 in the sixteenth playing of the Greenspan Cup.  Newcomers Rich Crutchfield and Michael Richardson went 4-0 and 3-0-1 for the World Team, which saw its six-year winning streak ended.


“I had a vision of bringing Greenspan to Pinehurst,” noted Seattle Captain Jeff Benezra, the chief proponent and planner behind the Cup’s first-ever trip Back East. “But against a group of such strong competitors, I never dreamed of a win like this.”

Friday's weather busted more than a few umbrellas.

Friday’s weather busted more than a few umbrellas.

For a while it looked like both teams might lose these matches — to the weather.  Players played the Friday morning fourball tiebreaker match on the famed No. 2 course in a tropical storm.   Two hours into said deluge the course on which Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open was so saturated that putting was all but impossible; a full swing with a putter would stop dead in the soaked greens.  Three of the seven matches were conceded because of the rain, which came down so hard at some points that it seemed to be coming out of the ground.

What a five-point lead on Saturday night looks like.

What a five-point lead on Saturday night looks like.

“I’ve been wetter in the shower,” quipped Jenkins, who was the only player in the 28-man field to tee off sans rain gear.  (That didn’t last long.)

The rain didn’t stop, and the captains cancelled the afternoon matches with Seattle leading 4 1/2 — 2 1/2.

The weather improved considerably on Saturday, but the World Team’s fortune did not. Team 206 won five of the seven morning fourball matches on the No. 4 course, with only the rookie team of Richardson/Crutchfield and Jason Matzat/Adam Waalkes winning their matches.   The teams split the afternoon fourball matches on the No. 7 course, with a remarkable three of the seven matches ending in halves.

Down five points, the World Team needed a miracle in Sunday singles to extend its streak. No sir.  The Seattle Team won 3 1/2 of the first four points and for a while it looked like the the largest margin of victory ever record — nine points in 2003 — might be in jeopardy.  It didn’t work out that way, but the eight-point win made this the second most lopsided Greenspan ever.

Aro lost his Sunday sleeves; playing partner Kofoed gained a headband.

Aro turned his Sunday shirt sleeves into headbands for himself and playing partner Kofoed.

After the event theretofore undefeated World Team Captain Paul Sharkey was left to wonder what happened.  He didn’t need to look far.  The World Team’s veteran core — Sharkey himself, Greg Cheever, Jon Gaston, Brad Nelson, Tim O’Brien, Brian Patton, Rob Stonesifer and Adam Waalkes — went a combined 4-21-7.  But for the performances of rookies Crutchfield and Richardson, who went 7-0-1, the Seattle team might have won on Saturday night.

Greenspan Cup XVII is scheduled for late July 2014.  A site has not been determined, but the teams will likely stay a bit closer to home.


Fourball Tiebreaker (at Pinehurst No. 2)

  • Aro/Waldner d. O’Brien/Waalkes 3&2
  • Kofoed/Secretario d. Cheever/Pulver 6&4
  • Nelson/Richardson h. Fessler/White
  • Crutchfield/Sharkey d. Deandre/Spratley 3 up through 13 (conceded because of weather)
  • Griebel/Harrison d. Gaston/Matzat 5&4
  • Benezra/Jenkins d. Patten/Stonesifer 3 up through 11 (conceded because of weather)
  • Madden/Stansell d. Bender/Orozco 5 up through 11 (conceded because of weather)

Seattle leads 4 1/2 — 2 1/2

(Friday afternoon round cancelled)

Fourball Medal (at Pinehurst No. 4)

  • Crutchfield/Richardson d. Orozco/White 67-72
  • Harrison/Secretario d. Madden/Stonesifer 67-70
  • Matzat/Waalkes d. Aro/Waldner 67-70
  • Fessler/Jenkins d. Nelson/O’Brien 69-72
  • Bender/Spratley d. Patten/Pulver 72-73
  • Denadre/Kofoed d. Gaston/Sharkey 69-77
  • Benezra/Griebel d. Cheever/Stansell 64-70

Seattle leads 9 1/2 — 4 1/2

Fourball Match (at Pinehurst No. 7) 

  • Aro/Orozco h. Cheever/Gaston
  • Crutchfield/Richardson d. Bender/Spratley 4&3
  • Jenkins/White d. Nelson/Stansell 6&5
  • Kofoed/Waldner h. Matzat/Waalkes
  • Harrison/Secretario d. Madden/Sharkey 3&1
  • Deandre/Fessler h. O’Brien/Patten
  • Pulver/Stonesifer d. Benezra/Griebel 1 up

Seattle leads 13-8

Singles (at Pinehurst No. 4)

  • Kofoed d. Cheever 5&3
  • Aro h. Stansell
  • Deandre d. Madden 1 up
  • Harrison d. O’Brien 2&1
  • Richardson d. Fessler 1 up
  • Crutchfield d. Orozco 5&4
  • Waldner d. Nelson 3&1
  • Secretario d. Sharkey 5&4
  • Jenkins d. Waalkes 2&1
  • Spratley d. Stonesifer 2 up
  • Patten d. White 6&4
  • Griebel h. Gaston
  • Matzat d. Bender 2&1
  • Benezra h. Pulver

Seattle wins 21.5 — 13.5

Overall Records 

Seattle Team

  • Aro 1-1-2
  • Bender 1-3
  • Benezra 2-1-1
  • Deandre 2-1-1
  • Fessler 1-1-2
  • Griebel 2-1-1
  • Harrison 4-0
  • Jenkins 4-0
  • Kofoed 3-0-1
  • Orozco 0-3-1
  • Secretario 4-0
  • Spratley 2-2
  • Waldner 2-1-1
  • White 1-2-1

World Team

  • Cheever 0-3-1
  • Crutchfield 4-0
  • Gaston 0-2-2
  • Madden 1-3
  • Matzat 2-1-1
  • Nelson 0-3-1
  • O’Brien 0-3-1
  • Patten 1-2-1
  • Pulver 1-2-1
  • Richardson 3-0-1
  • Sharkey 1-3
  • Stansell 1-2-1
  • Stonesifer 1-3
  • Waalkes 1-2-1